Pairing: Zayn/Harry

  Summary: Zayn meets up with the Styles family.

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I had an interesting idea for a multi-chaptered AU zarry fic!  Let me know if you’d like to hear more about it.

zarry sharing a bed and getting caught by the boys in the morning

     Zayn’s eyes fluttered open as he felt a foreign weight make a generous dent in his bed. “What the …” He started in a sleepy grumble, struggling to keep his eyes open long enough to see who was in his bed.

     “Zayn, I can’t sleep.” A voice whispered to him in the dark. Zayn sighed realizing it was Harry, and lifted his land lazily, dropping it on the younger lad’s waist, pulling him closer into the spooning position.

     “I told you not to watch that movie, Haz.” He mumbled into the boy’s curly hair. Zayn felt Harry turn in his arms so they were facing each other and swing his leg over the older boy’s thigh.

     “Lou said it was a really good one though!” Harry justified in a quiet voice.

     Zayn gave him a groggy chuckle before sighing, “Mhm, it still scared you though.” Harry simply shuffled closer, and nuzzled Zayn’s neck mumbling what may have been weak protests about how he never got scared. “Go to sleep, Curly. I’ll keep you safe.” Zayn promised, as he let himself be lulled to sleep by the younger lad’s shallow breathing.


     “Should we wake them?”

     “Of course, you bloody idiot! We’re late for the photo shoot.”

     “This is all your fault Lou; you made us watch that 3 hour long movie!”

     Zayn groaned loudly, informing his band mates that he had been rudely awakened by their bickering. “Will you all just shut it? I’m trying to sleep here.” He muttered grumpily.

     “Sleep with Harry?” Louis’ voice questioned, amusement evident in his voice.

     Zayn’s head whipped to the side, getting a mouthful of Harry’s curls. He sat up quickly, and rubbed at his eyes. “Calm down Lou. Harry was just in here last night because you decided letting him watch that movie was a good idea.” He reasoned, still annoyed by his rude awakening.

     “Yeah, right. I’m pretty sure I heard moaning last night…” Niall teased, raising his eyebrows suggestively.

     “Shut up, Horan.” Harry’s tired voice came from beside Zayn, as he shook out his curls.

     The three boys laughed as they threw pillows at the lads in the bed, “Just get out of bed lover boys, we’ve got to go to our shoot and whether or not you want to have morning sex, we’re late.” Liam yelled in a sing song tone, while he escorted himself and the others out of the room.

     Zayn shook his head, completely gob smacked as he fell back into the bed. “If this is what we have to go through every time you watch scary movies, I swear Harry.” He threatened.

     “No worries, I think I’m done with those for a while thanks to this encounter.” Harry breathed, turning to face Zayn. “Although I’m not totally objecting to what they implied…” He teased, making kissy faces at the older lad beside him.

     Zayn pushed Harry’s face away and got out of bed. He headed towards the bathroom, but not before he rounded on Harry and brought their faces together so their noses were touching, “In your dreams, lover boy.” He whispered seductively, leaving the younger lad in his bed.

     Now that I think about it, those scary movies don’t sound that bad after all. Harry thought with a smirk.


Even though i doubt anyone will do this, send me zarry prompts and i’ll write a mini fic for you, and if i really like it i’ll write a full oneshot! xo

Harry jealous of Ziam :)

     Zayn could feel a certain pair of soft green eyes on him as he snuggled up to Liam on the sofa. He let his eyes flicker to where Harry was seated on the floor, and raised an eyebrow when he saw the surly look on his face. Harry met Zayn’s eyes for a few milliseconds before nodding, implying the unsaid words “I’m fine”. The way he whipped his face away so quickly showed that he was anything but fine, and Zayn could practically see the wheels turning in his boyfriend’s head while he grinded his teeth. The older boy could admit that he didn’t blame Harry, considering the position he was in at the moment. A few seconds before he caught Harry staring, he had been nuzzling Liam’s neck, and whispering random jokes into his ear. It’s not that Zayn was interested in Liam, he loved Harry, but he and Liam had a close relationship, and as much as he assured his boyfriend it was only a friendship, he knew the younger boy didn’t believe him completely. Zayn felt bad, he really did, but he wasn’t sure what to say to Harry anymore. They had agreed to keep their relationship private for now, and he couldn’t just ignore Liam, but he didn’t want to hurt his boyfriend either. The second Harry pushed himself off the floor and exited his flat; Zayn knew the damage had already been done.

     He told Liam he’d be back in a bit, and Liam just mumbled in response as Niall came and sat in Zayn’s place. He strolled out of the flat and came up behind Harry, wrapped his arms around his waist and placed a soft kiss to the back of his neck. “What’s up, babe?” Zayn questioned curiously. Harry simply turned his head away from Zayn, and huffed in annoyance. Zayn blinked in confusion, and his lush eyelashes brushed against Harry’s neck, making him shiver in pleasure. “Are you mad at me?” The older boy breathed.

     Harry sighed, “no I’m not Zayn, I just want to be alone right now.” He explained.

     “I don’t believe you, so I won’t leave you alone.” Zayn replied with a slight shrug of his shoulders. He heard his boyfriend exhale in defeat, and was then forced to take a step back when Harry spun around to face him all of a sudden.

      “I’m fine, Zayn! See?” He forced a smile that hardly lasted two seconds, and turned around again, his shoulders tense with anger. The older lad shook his head at his petulant boyfriend, and worked his large hands into his shoulders, trying to soothe him.

     Zayn gripped his hips and turned Harry so he was facing him. He craned his neck down and tried to catch Harry’s lips with his own, but he was met with the curly hair he loved so much instead. Groaning he spoke into Harry’s ear, “Babe, are you jealous?” He asked his boyfriend.

     Harry scoffed, “No Zayn, I’m not jealous.” Zayn would have believed him, but Harry was a very bad actor. His voice quivered the second he said no. So Zayn tried again.

     “Harry…are you jealous?” He pushed, waiting for the answer he already knew.

     “No.” Harry replied stubbornly.

     “Are you jealous?” Zayn asked one last time, knowing that his boyfriend was about to crack.

     “No, I already told you I’m not!” Harry sighed in exasperation.

     Zayn smirked against his boyfriends curls, and pulled away to look at his face. “Can I have a kiss then, babe?” He asked, innocence laced into his expression.

     “WHY DON’T YOU GET A KISS FROM LIAM?” Harry screamed, covering his mouth the second he realized what he had just said. Zayn erupted into a fit of laughter and Harry watched him in shock. “Don’t laugh at me! This isn’t funny!” He cried.

     Zayn fought to keep his laughter in, but it kept bubbling up and erupting, sending him into another fit. After a few minutes passed, Harry gave up and walked back towards the flat, but Zayn grabbed him by the arm. “I’m done, I’m done! I promise.” He exclaimed sobering up instantly. “Harry, how many times do I have to tell you that Liam and I are just friends?” The older boy questioned.

     “Maybe you should try showing me, Zayn! You act as if he’s your boyfriend, while your real one is sitting here waiting for you to acknowledge him at the least.” Harry explained, jutting out his lower lip in an adorable pout.

     Zayn let out a slight chuckle, “I know, I’m sorry babe; I promise you I’ll give you extra attention from now on.” He offered. Harry just stood there, still pouting, not yet persuaded. The older boy took a step forward, so their noses touched. “I love you, Curly.” He whispered to Harry. He continued to pout, so Zayn pushed his face forward slightly, and their lips brushed. “Can I have a kiss?” He questioned his lips still brushing against Harry’s as he spoke.

     The lips under Zayn’s smiled then surged forward, and latched onto the older boys. Harry held on tightly to the hem of Zayn’s shirt, pulling him closer while their lips moved together in a soft kiss. The older boy brought his hands up, and caressed his boyfriends face with the pad of his thumb, as they pulled away from the kiss. “I love you too, you arse.” Harry finally replied, pressing his soft lips against Zayn’s laughing ones once again.